First example post on a new computer and setup

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  1. Haikal

    In such a comparison Battlestar Galactica would lose out, beacsue unlike Terminator and Dollhouse, it has a plethora of superb episodes against which it’s final would have to be compared. On the other hand, if the comparison was one related to a percentage of consistency, well it would win hands down.It’s a difficult topic this one, for I feel I am painting a poor picture for Terminator and Dollhouse. Truth is, I absolutely love Terminator and think it’s the second best sci-fi series on television (taking into account that BSG is now complete).

  2. online colleges

    Product placement is old school. I think they need to think bigger and better than that. Walk on role giveaways… Re-decorate your bedroom like the dollhouse sleeping chamber give away… Be a "Doll" spa giveway… Books that follow the series in ways that are not cost effective to film… Pre-order DVD package at reduced rate during season two episode one and two only (14 day limited time offer). Have the star wear an awesome custom t-shirt (never before seen) and sell it via the web as a limited item. After the credits have the stars one by one do a thirty second spot thanking the fans… "Hey I'm …. thanks you fans rock…." Create a twitter community… create a behind the scenes webisode series… Add a five minute clip to each episode when you publish it online (i.e. hulu)…. Sell the cool stuff from the show… eBay auction off the chair every season…. Add special never seen before trailers to new movies coming out for the commercial breaks… basically create a value for a product that has no substance. What do you think???

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