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WordPress widget ideas « Community

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WordPress widget ideas

  1. I've been thinking of just spending some time to release a lot of cool widgets that are simple but do a job that users need. These are the kinds of things that I can build in a few hours. The idea is to build a body of work that can easily be plugged into themes with multiple widget-ready areas (i.e. Hybrid).

    I'm not thinking things as complex as my Query Posts widget, but something on a much smaller scale. Some examples:

    * Author profile
    * Posts from category X.
    * Gallery display
    * Post thumbs

    What I'd like to do is release about 20 or so of these widgets. But, I need ideas and lots of them. Are there any widgets you'd just love to see done?

  2. Here's a few ideas:

    - Extending the My Snippets plugin, so that we can use it more than one time per post.
    - RSS feed mashup widget, where we could put more RSS-feeds into it
    - Post from the first category that this post (should only work on posts) is in
    - Advanced search (where the user can segment on categories, and custom taxonomies)

  3. Ability to change post_type for a post

  4. - Related links
    ( some way to show manual chosen links that are related to a post/page )

    - Related documents
    ( some way to show manual chosen attachments/documents that are related to a post/page )

  5. I also have to second Thomas suggestion to expand the Snippets features.

    I`d like to see a solution with eg 4 tabs for 4 widget areas, ( and maybe a 5th tab, a "sketch board" with TinyMCE visual editor to use for formatting of widget content with cut and paste into the 4 other tabs. )

  6. - Custom fields widget(s)

  7. May it be possible to make widgets that show content from a custom post type ?

    Then it would be possible to edit widget content type without going to appearance>widgets which might make better usability for authors.

    Imagine the front page having some neat styled widget info-boxes with icons, custom headings, typography, some short copy and a read more link.

    Custom post type might have input fields for: icon, headline, headline style, background style, copy, and read more link.

  8. Move the Breadcrumb trail out from the theme and into a widget, so it can be displayed anywhere.

  9. 1)
    Enhance Hybrid Tabs so that individual post categories can be chosen for tabs. Also ability to select a page for a tab, and the tab display the child page links.

    Wish there were an Events/Calendar widget that would show a list of event links in date order, such that it would show the next N events, dropping events after the day they occur.

    There would need to be a standard way of putting the date/time in the event link. Another alternative would be to have the events be pages, rather than links.

  10. I'd love to see widgets that allow customization of front page layouts like for Hybrid News.

    1. I still love the tabbed category post previews with thumbnails that you did for the options theme. If you could make a plugin that did this, it would be killer.
    2. A plugin to do the same as above, but for RSS feeds. I found a way of doing this, but the shortcodes for RSS with thumbnails require a ton of CSS to style. A simple plugin would make this easier.
    3. I've seen websites that have cool horizontal thumbnail sliders with thumbnail/post title and I haven't been able to find one. There's tons of plugins for front page sliders, but this would be a nice way to display posts on the front page. The best way that I can describe what I'm talking about is the "media news" slider on this theme:

    Yeah, I realize that my wish list of plugins are pretty complex and would be time consuming to make.

  11. A News-ticker widget, based on taxonomy (custom taxonomy?) and/or category, flexible enough to be fully customized in the widget panel.

  12. Actually, expanding widgets into a post would be really cool. News or Magazines need these types of boxes for sharing, or editor contact. I'd love widgets that do more to polish the sophistication of a blog, "the team" or "Featured writer" someone that's actually written in the last month. Widget areas need to get smarter, footer/sidebar are great, but under content double side-by-side boxes would be cool related and comments with thumbnails. I don't think a designer has ever really asked someone like me who actually publishes a major magazine what actually needs to go into one. Hybrid News is a love hate relationship so long as I've had you to help me expand its edges.


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