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Tweaking the Options theme « Community

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Tweaking the Options theme

  1. The Options theme has went through its major developmental stages. There probably won't be any major features added to it in the future.

    The things I'm looking to do with Options from this point forward are:

    * Cleaning up the code.
    * Keeping up with new WordPress features.
    * And adding small tweaks to parts of the code to make the theme more reader friendly such as adding a more link to the Post List Tabs.

    Mostly, I want to start adding these little tweaks to the code. So, I'm asking you what type of things would you like to see changed. I'm not talking about major changes or features here. I'm talking about small things that you think would make your site easier to use for your readers.

    So, any ideas?

  2. Add a a "View all posts" link to the end of the Recent Posts sidebar widget.

    I did this on my development site by creating a new default category called "All" to which I assign every post. Then I went into the recent.php file (in the widgets folder I had copied to my child theme, not the original in the parent theme folder) and added an extra line right after line 57 (of version 1.3 of the Options theme.) So it originally looked like this:

    <?php endwhile; endif; wp_reset_query(); ?>

    and I made it look like this:

    <?php endwhile; endif; wp_reset_query(); ?>
    <p class="centertext"><a href="/categories/all/" title="View complete archive.">View all posts</a></p>
  3. This may go beyond the scope of what you're after, but since the majority of incompatible plugins are only incompatible with the Features Gallery on the home page, it would be great if there was a way to isolate the home page header from the rest of the site. Widget Logic gives you pretty tight control over individual widgets, but a lot of very useful and very powerful plugins (Luke Howell's Events Calendar comes to mind) tend to plant their script code into the header of every page of the site, even if they don't do anything there. What we need is a plugin corral to keep them exactly where we want them. Prototype is a pretty horse to have if we can keep it out of the flower bed. :)

  4. Unfortunately, there's no workaround for incompatible JavaScript. You can't isolate them or whatever to make things work. It just comes down to a decision of what you want to use — Features Gallery vs. Event Calendar or some other plugin.

    But yes, this is outside of the scope of this thread a bit.

    I really like the suggestion for adding a "more posts" link going to a category/tag page. "View all" wouldn't work for general purposes. This isn't really feasible if just using the latest posts, but we can do it if using a category/tag.

  5. There's some places in the generated category and tag pages where text in title and alt attributes on links and images isn't properly escaped.

    I discussed it with Justin in another support thread and we figured out most of the fixes, but I just realised that there are other special characters (ampersand, greater-than, less-than, etc.) which will still cause problems in the get_the_image functions, even with the fixes.

    Mostly this doesn't affect the viewer's experience, but it makes the XHTML invalid which is generally a Bad Thing.

  6. Some generated pages have alternate posts or excerpts classed as "even" and "odd" - for example excerpts and full posts do this, it makes for nice CSS styling options. I would really like it if tag pages, category pages, and other appropriate areas also allowed this styling.

  7. Also author pages with the even/odd post classes please. I've just been fiddling with the author templates :)

  8. Yeah, I'm adding even/odd to all posts in the development version. The post class is going to be much like what we see in Hybrid.

  9. Justin, I'm using Spartan at, but although I've unticked the 'feed display' option and even tried deleting the feedburner id, the subscribe button is still showing up in my nav bar. I've also tried moving the nav from above to below, but same deal. I have a custom subscription box I'm going to be loading into the home insert, so I don't want to have multiple options to confuse. Is there something else I need to do to remove this?



  10. crystalrequest

    Please ask support questions in the support forums:

    This forum is for sharing and discussing ideas.

  11. Since the Options theme will be discontinued, I'm shutting this thread down.

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