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More options for Hybrid Tabs « Community

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More options for Hybrid Tabs

  1. I'm looking to add more options for you all with the Hybrid Tabs plugin. When I say "more options" I don't mean more widget control settings. That would just get out of hand.

    What I'm looking for is more suggestions on what type of "tabs" you want. For example, are there any plugins you'd like to see integrated? Are there specific WordPress functions you'd like to see added?

    Let's hear it.

    Also, I'll be updating this to work better with the latest version of Hybrid very soon.

  2. Maybe a tab for 'Hot Topics', ie. the most commented posts to go with the usual 'Popular Posts'. I have seen a couple of 'most commented' plugins and also some code that gets the 'most commented' posts.

  3. I was kind of hoping this idea would take off a bit more. I'm just kind of bumping this up because I'd really like to add more options when the plugin is officially released (taken out of beta).

  4. I'm with StormRider on the Hot Topics idea. Seems support is limited for putting the best content forward. Also an issue to make it look good, like how every recent Comments plugin I've found for 2.7 looks pretty bad. So I'd say along those lines would be nice, to be able to select from a wide range of content like comments, posts, and pages and to be able to select for each by popular, recent, random etc.

    WordPress is currently lacking any real features along those lines. And your hybrid-news theme is built for that kind of versatility.

  5. I do have a suggestion on this. In the (now defunct) options theme the block tabs were split in two, with a list on the left and an excerpt on the right. That was extremely useful. Could that be included in hybrid?

  6. Recent comments the WP one or the plugin If it's the WP on it would be nice to remove pingbacks, or give them a tab by themselves
    WP cumulus (flash tag cloud)
    Basic textfield (so we can use php (combined with exec php) to use the plugins we use without having to mess around in functions)
    Login field maybe
    Basic user info, when logged in: gravatar, post you have commented (if that's possible), name etc.
    These last two combined of course :-)

    To me the most important is the textfield. I would love to be able to pull some basic php.

  7. I agree with Thomas in that a basic textfield would now be my top choice - that way I can include any function I need using exec-php, eg code for Hot Topics. This would add incredible flexibility to the Hybrid Tabs and allow users to customize their Tabs to suit themselves - not everyone is going to want the same options.

  8. I'm following Thomas. Would like to see recent comments in tabs.

  9. I like the login and basic user info suggestion. Also, I've tried to add google cse code with no luck. I guess a text widget would add the most functionality for my type of site.

  10. I am also keen on having Highest rated and Top rated tabs. This makes the users to return and check for their post ratings or to select the top rated news/posts.

  11. I would like to see the ability to add custom RSS feeds in the Tabs. Just like the RSS Widget.

  12. I know many of you have been waiting for this plugin to be officially released, but it'll still be a bit. Since WordPress 2.8 has a new widget class, I'm waiting around for that before releasing a new version.

    Keep the ideas coming though.

  13. I also wanted to point out what I said in my original post in this topic:

    When I say "more options" I don't mean more widget control settings. That would just get out of hand.

    To clarify, I won't be adding things like a textarea and options to select how many posts are displayed. Sorry. That's just not what this plugin/widget is intended for. I'm not seeking to make the best tabs plugin possible. I just want to have a plugin that's simple to use and covers most Hybrid child themes.

    There are other tabbed widgets plugins out there that allow more settings or allow you to put widgets inside of a widget.

    Basically, the current format is what we'll have. I just want to make more options available to you all in this manner.

  14. RE: Recent comments

    I'd love to add this feature, but the WP devs still haven't moved the recent comments stuff out of the widget. This has been asked for on Trac, but it seems to have gone in a different direction. If they ever make an actual function like wp_list_recent_comments(), then I'd add it.

    Otherwise, does anyone have any good plugins that handle this functionality? I can build the plugin's code into the widget.

  15. Action hook instead of filter hook for custom tabs

    Currently, you have to filter the custom tabs to make your own. This leaves us with only six options and sometimes it's harder to use a filter.

    I'm thinking I'll add something like a custom_tab() action hook. This way, you could add any and as many actions as you want. Essentially, you could create 100s of custom tabs to use if you wanted.

    Right now, it's just an idea. I have no idea how to make the custom tabs show up in the widget when done like this.


    Maybe an even better idea would be something like this:

    register_custom_tab( 'Tab Name', 'custom_tab_callback_function' );
    function custom_tab_callback_function() {
    	/* Custom code. */
  16. About to roll out version 0.2 beta

    I finally figured out how to go about creating custom tabs with a register_hybrid_tab() function. Basically, we'd do something like this:

    register_hybrid_tab( 'tab_name', array( 'label' => 'Tab Title', 'callback' => 'function_to_display_tab' ) );

    Then, you'd only have to create a new function to display your tab. The plugin/widget will take care of everything. Heck, you could even turn each tab into a widget area if you wanted.

    The great thing is that you don't have to worry about any kind of action or filter hook.

    Why version 0.2?

    I do realize that version 0.1 was never officially released, but I thought it might get confusing after all this time to release 0.1 after 0.1 Beta.

    So, I'm skipping ahead, especially since so much has changed.

    Keep the ideas coming!

    I've added support for several plugins, which you'll see shortly. Look for a blog post in the next hour or so.

  17. The highest rating plugin by Lester Chan is in your Hybrid Tabs, but it would be cool to use some of the features that Lester has put into it, like:
    - Highest rated within a category
    - Highest rated within a period of time (say 30 days)

    See more options here: under usage

  18. @Thomas

    I thought about adding those particular things, but they require input. For example, you'd have to input the category ID to get the highest rated for a category.

    Of course, there may be workarounds. I'm just not sure how much PHP processing would be required.

  19. Then we're back at the request of one of my former requests: Basic textfield (so we can use php (combined with exec php) to use the plugins we use without having to mess around in functions)

    And maybe this as a way of doing it:

  20. Justin,

    I think Thomas has a good point. Hybrid Tab 0.1 was just too much work for me to setup properly so I went for "tabbed-widget", plugin's Url: because all I needed to do was to place what ever widget I want to display into a tab and done. Everthing is working right for now but as I always say I am building my projects all around the Hybrid Framework and I will very much prefer that if not all at least 85% of the plugins I use should come from the ThemeHybrid Community.

    So I am backing this idea from Thomas and I will put it this way: I know you will not just want to transform "Hybrid tab" into something else entirely but what if you add on it like adding costom tabs that are widgetized that means they can act as widget areas.

    Hope you give it a thought. Thanks

  21. Kaspars is a great developer, and I encourage you to use his plugin if that's the type of functionality you want:

    I don't see the format and how things are handled with Hybrid Tabs changing anytime soon. I am looking for ideas on what other tab content options should be added.

  22. This might be too specific to my needs but I would use a sort of favicon tab.

    I will be having posts with a series of images ~ you could liken this to slicing a schematic for building a piece of furniture: step one diagram, step two diagram, etc. … an image series for one post. So the tab content would be thumbnails (more of the size of a favicon), one for each series, or if there was a setting to set the number of series to display.

    (sorry if this isn't what you're looking for ~ I re-read the original and the clarification posts but I'm just not certain I'm comprehending the difference between "widget control settings" and "type of tabs" distinction.)

  23. The random feature in Hybrid Tabs counts pages too. How to exclude that? Maybe a feature to do this in new version.

  24. Been reading over the Ideas forum and the 0.7 plans, and somewhere in there you mentioned something about a custom field that would become a widget if it existed. My idea: Being able to choose "Custom Tab" from the tab content dropdown would be nice. Basically the thinking is it would check for a custom field named custom_tab (or whatever makes more sense in keeping with how you're naming stuff), and if that custom field exists, then it would invoke the tab and fill the content with whatever was in the custom field.

  25. OK, I don't know what you're envisioning, but here's what I'd like to do.

    I'm trying to stick with a few plugin authors to hopefully reduce conflicts and support issues, so if Hybrid Tabs can/could do this, it'd be wonderful.


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