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Jorja Fox: Online on Hybrid News « Community

Welcome, guest!

Feel free to read the blog, browse for themes, or join the club.

The community forums are currently being phased out. At the end of February or early March 2012, you will no longer be able to post here. This is because the entire site is being restructured. Please use the main forums for discussions.

Jorja Fox: Online on Hybrid News

  1. After years of my own themes, I finally accepted that I couldn't hand code everything I wanted and Justin can.

    Using Hybrid News, I've re-done a few of the pages myself, where I couldn't just tweak settings, played with the colors and came out with something that feels like my old site, but looks new.

    Jorja Fox: Online

  2. Hey, wondeful site, especially the forums and the wiki.

    Very nice job, I would like to know how you tweaked the G custom search !

  3. The gallery will be 'matched' eventually. Gallery's changing their code and since I have to re-do everything for that anyway... right ;)

    As for Google - You mean to put it in it's own page? I did this: Google AdSense Search Results within WordPress Pages

    Then I replaced the search widget with a text widget with the google search 'code' and that was that :)

  4. Well, after a thorough inspection of your website, I realize all the tweaks you did and I like:
    1) Changed the default tipography (is it Arial now ?)
    2) Moved pages to the right on the home page (sites logo too big, but JF is so pretty anyways !)
    3) Erased the default search box and the links to categories
    4) Added the "subscribe to" links to the right of your logo

    I would like to move my website from Structure to Hybrid news, but these points defer me from doing it.

  5. 75% of the decisions into layout are due to web trends and three years of analyzing the site. The other 25% is what I think looks 'good' ;) I currently use SiteMeter, Google Analytics AND Woopra, but I'm probably going to drop SiteMeter for lack of useful data.

    The logo being big is because recognition degrades the smaller a face is, mostly. 150px is about as small as it 'works'. I used to have a 100px image and people kept asking what the image was. For a 'professional' site, I'd do something small, but as a fansite, 'big' headers are 'better' - according to polls and trends. I bow to traffic results.

    The lack of categories was born from organization. Basically you get 4 cats: Jorja Fox, Site News, Community Stuff and Featured. As far as searching on that, having the category was pretty useless for the every day viewer. Now, the tags got a lot more traffic so that was easy to decide. Obviously it's gonna be different for everyone! :)

    I'm still experimenting with ad placement. The 728wides as a banner ad get more bank for your buck, but they do mean the browser has to be 'wider.' I hand smacked IE 5 and 6 to go with the smaller ads and a fixed width, since they basically suck, but a stupidly high number of my visitors use it (60% of visitors use IE and of that 23% of the 60% use IE 6 and .2% use IE 5). So really not a lot at 14% of all users, but enough that I don't want to tell them to FOAD. The site does look best in FF or IE 7/8 or Safari or pretty much any 'modern' browser. Thanks to BroswerShots, I was able to see how it'd look on different OSs. It is, honestly, the most work I've done on a website for design since ... 2005? It's the most complicated one.

    But honestly it was faster to mock this up in Hybrid News than it was to mock it up in Structure (which I'd been doing before news came out). Obviously I customized the heck out of this. I changed fonts, moved layout and such, so really you can tweak this to your own needs :)

    Now I'm agonizing over widgets vs manual changes. Probably go to wigets.

  6. With screen resolution set to 1024 x 768 all of your 728x90 ads are running off under the right widget areas. Also the text on the video gallery page is partially hidden under the widget area (eg: "sidebar"). The News scroller is also too wide and is partially hidden.
    Without looking at your code, It looks like you optimized your site widths for a wider screen res like 1280?
    Or your ads are just too wide for your content width, not surewhat happened with the scroller.
    On all my sites 1024 x 768 is the most popular screen size by a big margin. Check your Analytics too see what screen res the majority of your visitors are using.

    Other than that good job I like it.

  7. Oh it's the ads causing the screen to go a bit weird.

    75% of visitors are using 1152x864 or higher.

    But yeah, I'm trying to fix that ad stuff a little better. :/ It annoys me and is my current 'arrrr' ;)

  8. Oh, duh, mix-width will work on 'modern' broswers, and the un-modern are scaled to a smaller, fixed width anyway!

    Thank you, PegasusTeam for making my brain work!

  9. hi all, I installed the theme just now, but the default home page is a simple template, nothing on it. I don't know how to choice the "front page" as home page. But if I add a new page such as news, I can choice front page template. Who can help me?

  10. @hafid
    Please ask any questions on the support forums:


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