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Ideas forum "ideas" « Community

Welcome, guest!

Feel free to read the blog, browse for themes, or join the club.

The community forums are currently being phased out. At the end of February or early March 2012, you will no longer be able to post here. This is because the entire site is being restructured. Please use the main forums for discussions.

Ideas forum "ideas"

  1. Some of you may have been wondering why in the world I separated the Ideas forum from the support forums.

    Well, I had a very simple reason for this. This place (as some of you may have noticed) is the Extend forums. The Ideas forum is only a single forum here.

    What I want to do is continue to extend the site with new features here.

    Some ideas about this forum

    What I'd like to do is start adding new sections here, and I'd really like to hear your thoughts and suggestions.

    Current extend forums I'm thinking about:

    * Lab (a place where users on the "bleeding edge" can download and discuss weekly development versions of the themes)

    * Showcase (a central forum to show off your site)

    * Custom child themes (a place where users can share their custom child themes)

    * Job forum (a forum where users can post/ask for custom theme design from users, but this is probably a bit further into the future)

    Let me know what you think, and please post your suggestions here.

  2. five points from my side

    PS: I'm on holiday at the moment, so I can use only IE 6
    I can not see any ratings in the idea form. They are all just grey...

  3. Yeah, I don't really support IE6 here on this site. I think less than 0.5% visitors use it here.

    Any ideas?

  4. I like the idea - especially the showcase and custom child theme areas. I don't run bleeding edge stuff but I know people who do tend to chat a lot too, so that'll probably get used plenty :)

  5. I like the idea of LAB forum. Maybe the future development for themes and the UI could be build on this, of course from input by others.

  6. Justin,

    An option to withhold certain Tags from the Tag Cloud would be nice. My most used tag is often Videos because of my using tabbed video on the home page.

    A working spell checker would be nice. I installed one, I think Google/Ajax, but I'm not sure. For me it doesn't work in Firefox.


  7. OK. Well, I decided to go another route with the showcase, and it has its own blog now:

    I much prefer this because it's, well it's, just kind of cool.

    I'm really digging the Lab Forum idea. It's hard to decide on how to implement it though. I feel compelled to run it in blog form, but I think discussion would die down from that. However, I can do more advanced stuff with WP.

    I've even had an idea about making a WP theme like Trac ( ), which would allow some really cool real-time type stuff. But, it's easier to post code with bbPress.

    Keep posting ideas!

  8. I adore the visionary theme, and have loaded it up and blogged it already. I do have a wish-list though, and if you were able to put it together into a child theme I'd happily pay the $25 for it - I don't know enough about child themes to do it myself although I've been learning and playing with php directly on another theme elsewhere.
    First, I'd like the home page to have a main feature post, and below it smaller blocks by category, each with category headings - like sections of a magazine. Of course, if a post is in more than one category, it would need to have some kind of duplication fix so it would just go into the first one, and the next in line would feature for any subsequent categories.
    Second, I'd like the ability to set default images by category - if I have a post in health, for example, it's not necessarily going to want the same default image as one in 'technogeek'.
    Fourth, I have subcategories, and I'd like them to drop down or expand somehow in the top nav just like your page nav does. Failing this, some other way to display child categories would be great.
    Finally, and I know this one is really out there, so it's an optional. I love your tab widget and especially the random option. I reckon it would be really really cool if readers could click a button on the home page and just get served up a randomised home page, still with posts from each category, but not necessarily the latest ones.
    Thanks again, LOVE your work!

  9. Hi,

    In Visionary theme, we can only have 3 video on the sidebar reel.....

    Why don't add it up to 5 or 6 video..


  10. Looks like I'll definitely be adding a show off your site forum to compliment the showcase and a job board. Both of these should be up within two weeks.

  11. OK. First, the Extend forums will be completely open to everyone to post in, despite the upcoming changes at Theme Hybrid.

    So, I've decided on the next forums I'll be adding to the extend section:

    General chit-chat and discussion

    A place to discuss all things
    * WordPress
    * WordPress MU
    * bbPress
    * BuddyPress

    Job board

    * Users can post job requests.
    * I'll possibly highlight designers that I think are good to work with and know my themes well. Maybe give them their own sticky thread with their contact info (let me know if you're interested).


    * All users will be able to show off their site in their own threads.
    * I'll take submissions to be featured in the Theme Hybrid showcase blog:

    User-created child themes

    * Allow users to post their custom child themes for others to download.
    * They can simply link to them for others to download. They can even answer support questions (if they want). :)

    I'm still open to other ideas

    I'm still thinking about the Lab forum, but I might go with a separate setup for this, something outside the scope of the Extend forums.

    I'll start implementing these changes within the next week.


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