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Hybrid: Version 0.6 « Community

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Feel free to read the blog, browse for themes, or join the club.

The community forums are currently being phased out. At the end of February or early March 2012, you will no longer be able to post here. This is because the entire site is being restructured. Please use the main forums for discussions.

Hybrid: Version 0.6

  1. Now that version 0.5 has been officially released, I wanted to go ahead and put up an official thread on version 0.6. Don't worry. It'll be some time before we've made it to 0.6. I really enjoyed getting all of the feedback on version 0.5, so much so that I figured I'd start this discussion early.

    I'll start off by listing some of the things I plan on doing.

    Drop-down menus by default

    I've laid the groundwork in 0.5 for this by adding JS and CSS, but I wanted to have a transitional period where I didn't break everyone's child themes.

    Drop-down menus will be a default in 0.6. I also plan on writing a plugin that'll give you more control from the admin with your page and category menus.

    Separation of comments, trackbacks, and pingbacks

    This is something many of you have been hoping for, so the discussion is on the table. My basic questions are:

    * Should trackbacks and pingbacks be grouped together or should they be separate?
    * Should there be an option to do both?
    * Where should they go? Above the comment form or below?

    Comments template action hooks

    I wanted to add more hooks in version 0.5, but I thought it'd be best to wait until we figured out what we're doing with the separation of comments and pings. I find it's best to try and avoid future conflicts.

    * Where would you like to see new hooks placed?

    Layout stylesheets

    This is something I've been really looking forward to coding. Right now, we only have the Holy Grail layout (3 columns, centered content). But, I want to add in a few default stylesheets to allow you all to more easily create cool child themes.

    * 2 columns (content / widgets)
    * 2 columns (widgets /content)
    * 3 columns (content / widgets / widgets)
    * 3 columns (widgets / widgets / content)
    * 3 columns (widgets / content / widgets)

    I think that about covers all of the main Web layouts. I also need to come up with a naming system for these things.

    Your thoughts, your opinions

    Some things you all wanted didn't quite make it into v.0.5, but anything's up for discussion at this point. Feel free to talk about what you'd like to see in the future.

  2. Separation of comments, trackbacks, and pingbacks
    Since the advent of threaded comments, I like having them all together. It gives a better time-frame to the 'popularity' of a post. So I would say 'An option for both'.

    Other than that, I would wish for a fluid layout, but I know it's a bear and a half.

  3. @Ipstenu
    I've always liked follow the timeline with all three mixed as well. I'm usually less likely to follow trackbacks and pingbacks if they're separated from the comments.

    From my experience, I've found that people tend to hide them, basically making them un-useful. When that's the case, I'm like why bother allowing them at all — why not just turn them off?

  4. "Drop-down menus will be a default in 0.6. I also plan on writing a plugin that'll give you more control from the admin with your page and category menus."

    For some situations the dropdowns is just a hierachy with only the "end-nodes" as pages. For other situations every page should function as it is: a page. But is it possible to include a option for making parent_pages no links in the plugin/preferences of the theme? That would reduce my tinkering with the theme, or is it a minor detail... And thanks again for this wonderful/powerful theme!!!

  5. But is it possible to include a option for making parent_pages no links in the plugin/preferences of the theme?

    You'll want to look at the navigation tutorial on how to set up a custom menu to handle something like that.

  6. Might have to only support WP 2.8

    WP 2.8 will do a major overhaul of how widgets should be coded. This presents a problem with maintaining backwards compatibility. If any of you have ever looked at the mess in /library/widgets, then you might see why.

    Each widget has to be recoded to use the new WP_Widget class. Maintaining the code base for the current widgets and the new widgets isn't really a viable option.

    I might port the WP_Widget class over for users of 2.7, but I'm not of big fan of doing things like this.

    Mostly, I'll just take my time and think it over. But, version 0.6 might only support WP 2.8. At the very least, WP 2.6 support will drop.

  7. I think that's fair, re 2.8/2.6. I mean, if the back end changes, you gotta go with the flow or be left in the slush.

  8. Layout Stylesheets for Testing

    I've put the version 0.6 layouts up for testing if anyone's interested:

  9. Finally thought of something: Ignore self-pings.

    Unless I've been missing something in the default WP setup for ... ever.

  10. Finally thought of something: Ignore self-pings.

    This is more of a plugin function than a theme. In fact, I believe there are some that do this.

    I don't personally like ignoring self-pings because it helps me keep track of when I blogged about another post on my site.

  11. Moving commonly-used CSS rules

    I've tried to keep most of the re-used CSS in the base CSS files (i.e., 18px.css, 21px.css, etc.), but there's still more that can be done.

    Some common things that rarely change from child theme to child theme:

    .alignleft {}
    .alignright {}
    .alignnone {}
    .block {}

    Maybe even moving a few more common rules for .gallery, .wp-caption, and others as well.

    This way, the margins and floats will already be set when needed, yet they can still be overwritten with a child theme's style.css file.

    If anyone can think of any other common CSS elements that need to be packaged with the base CSS files, feel free to post.

  12. New Hybrid Design

    I've never really liked Hybrid's default style. It's something I just kind of threw together because I knew we'd be overwriting the style with our child themes. Little did I know that this would eventually bite me in the ass, so to speak.

    Basically, it serves no real purpose and doesn't aid in the development of child themes. It could easily be a stylesheet that's helping you out.

    What I'd like to do is get it down to the very basic stuff, something that you could include in your own design, something that doesn't add a lot of mess.

    Here's the working copy of the new design:

    Right now, this thing sits under 5kb in size. I'd like to keep it no more than 7kb if at all possible.

    If you have ideas...

    Feel free to share them. What I'm really trying to do is give you all something extremely simple to build from.

    If you like the old design...

    Don't worry. I'll soon be releasing a child theme called Hybrid Original that you can use.

  13. Separation of trackbacks and pingbacks

    I'm now thinking it's best to only allow either all comments or the separation of comments from pings (pingbacks and trackbacks). Options for allowing three different groupings seems like too much. I have two reasons for this:

    1) Blogs rarely, if ever, actually get trackbacks (most people only get pingbacks).

    2) Allowing the separation of all three is a mess (code-wise).

    As of right now, you'll be able to separate all pings into a separate list from the comments if you choose to do so. However, you won't be able to separate pingbacks and trackbacks into two separate lists.

    I may play around with it a bit more, but I think this is the best course of action. Anyone that needs more could always overwrite the comments.php file.

  14. Hi Justin, I'd like to see:
    1. Add the ability to edit the SEO properties of the homepage, much like the All-in-one SEO pack.
    2. A toggle to do this:


  15. I don't personally like ignoring self-pings because it helps me keep track of when I blogged about another post on my site.

    Fair enough :) There is a plugin and since it's so small, and just a function, I tossed it in my functions.php and called it a wrap.

    phatteus - That 2nd idea is actually in the base functionality of WP 2.7, no plugins etc needed, just some CSS. See

  16. I see the more popular layout options listed above - which really are perfect for more of the custom projects I find myself in. Awesome work! This next version is going to push ThemeHybrid up where it belongs!
    Currently the project I'm working on is a PhotoBlog - which requires a single column layout.
    A few single column width options would be great - options say like 500px up to 900px. (Current design requires 840px)

    I also realize a single column layout option would require the widgetized sidebar areas be addressed in a unique way. Perhaps.

    Not sure where I would way in for the threaded comments. I like the concept, but it does get complicated. Hmm.

    Way cool...

  17. separting comments from track/pingbacks = yes - I always do this manually with your themes and it would be nice to have that built in

  18. How about more control over the main navigation menu in the theme?

  19. @regregroy
    See my first post about a navigation plugin:

  20. Once again, thank you for preempting my desires by already planning for them.

  21. is 0.6 testing only for paid users ?

  22. Adding the current month & day to the dynamic body class would be a super feature...
    I mentioned this in a thread on the support forums but thought I should also add it here so others can chime in on the idea.

  23. @dinu

    Version 0.6 testing is only for Justin at this point. I'm always actively running a development version on my personal blog. Once it's ready for testing, I'll post it for download.


    That would be kind of cool.

  24. Removal of FLV attachment files

    I bet 99% of Hybrid theme users don't even know about this feature, much less use it. Basically, FLV attachments can be played using Flowplayer (packaged with the theme) when on the attachment page.

    Most people don't use attachments, except for images. Plus, there are tons of video plugins that handle this stuff.

    Removing the files for this would knock over 100kb off the theme download size (unzipped). And, if anyone seriously needs to keep the feature, I could always show you a couple of lines of code and how to add it to your child theme.

    The files to be removed would be:

    * /library/swf folder
    * /library/js/flash-embed.js

    Unless anyone can make a strong case for why this should remain in the theme, I vote for dropping it.

  25. Justin, I really like the new look of Hybrid 0.6! I'm definitely waiting for it. This is what I want to use to build new child themes from now on.

    Regarding the FLV attachment files: I have a need for this functionality. If you remove it, please do show us how to add the code and necessary files.

    I did not know we had this capability already. I am going to give it a whirl and let you know what I think... Right now I use wordTube and JW Media Player. Does Flowplayer need the JW Media Player like wordTube does?

  26. I have to echo suchtreasures comments. I was also unaware of the flowplayer flv functionality. I agree there are plenty of video players like

    ...I will check it out first. I may also be curious as to the code to keep it in the theme.

  27. As for Flowplayer, there are a few reasons I'd like to remove it. If anyone can convince me these reasons are trivial, I'd keep it. But, I don't really see many arguments for keeping it.

    * "Flowplayer" branding on the player itself when in full-screen mode. Doesn't bother me much, but a lot of people don't like to have other people's sites advertised on theirs.

    * Can only be used on application attachment pages and only when it's an FLV file.

    * Most users would rather have a player in their posts and pages. If WP allowed attachments to be handled like posts and pages by default, this would be a non-issue.

    * The FlowPlayerDark.swf file is over 100kb, which adds a lot of extra weight for the 99%+ people that don't use it.

    * A theme framework should just be a framework, not an all-in-one theme.

    * It can be easily enough added to anyone that needs this in their child theme.

    * Video plugins allow much more flexibility and ease of use.

  28. Widgets Reloaded

    As many of you know, the widgets added by the Hybrid theme are also packaged as a separate plugin called Widgets Reloaded. It's kind of a nightmare maintaining two different code bases.

    Not to worry though. These will always be packaged with Hybrid.

    But, I'll be maintaining this separately and just porting it over to Hybrid. This is the same thing I've been doing with Get the Image and more recently with Breadcrumb Trail. If you look in your /library/extensions folder, you'll see files that are maintained separately from the theme.

    So, what does this really mean to you all? Well, it means I'll probably be breaking your widgets in version 0.6.

    But...This was probably going to happen anyway because all widgets need to be recoded to use WordPress 2.8's new widget class. I'll try to maintain backwards compatibility if possible, but I don't know if it is. Waiting until version 0.6 to do this kind of kills two birds with one stone, so to speak.

  29. Page-specific JavaScript and CSS

    Another cool thing I (at least I think it's cool) is a plugin I've written called JavaScript Logic. Basically, it allows you to load specific scripts only on pages that need the scripts. This is good because you don't want to be loading JS whenever you don't need it.

    So, I'm bringing in this type of functionality to the theme. You'll be able to create two custom field keys:


    And, in the custom field values, you could just stick the URLs of the files you want to load a specific post/page. And, it'll loop through multiple values, so you could load several files on a single post.

    This is not meant to replace the plugin, which gives you a cool meta box and a wide selection of scripts, but it's something very basic that would be a nice functionality to have built into the theme.

    I personally use this functionality on my own site and it beats the heck out of having to open functions.php, type in some new code, test to make sure the code is not erroneous, and FTP it back to the site.

  30. Page templates

    I'm thinking of adding some new page templates that deal specifically with post archives:


    Basically, they'd list your yearly archives, monthly archives, and so on. These are extremely simple to build, so I don't know if they're really worth it.

    Of course, Hybrid's page templates are mostly there for examples, something to get the user's creative juices flowing, starting points for developing bigger and better custom templates.

    For example, I've taken the bookmarks.php page template and made a custom one for my WordPress bookmarks:

    I'm just thinking that the more tools available, the more likely we are to see more innovation through child themes.

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