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Hybrid and BuddyPress

  1. You've got mail, but I'd also refer you back to and Hybrid is the only parent you need (metaphorically speaking of course ;-)

  2. Hi Patrick,
    I just send you your released version of malleable with buddypress RC2 included.
    As Freddie says above, you don't need any BuddyPress themes installed, just the plugin.
    As long as you have Hybrid added, all should be straight forward enough.

    If anyone else wants to test out this version, feel free to let me know.

  3. Only problem I am having with this now is setting BuddyPress to use the Activity stream as the home page.

    function bp_dtheme_page_on_front_template( $template ) {
    	global $wp_query;
    	if ( empty( $wp_query->post->ID ) )
    		return locate_template( array( 'activity/index.php' ), false );
    		return $template;
    add_filter( 'page_template', 'bp_dtheme_page_on_front_template' );

    is the function being used in the RC of BuddyPress 1.2

    When I use this function on my child theme, all that is returned is
    Sorry, no posts matched your criteria.
    Justin or anyone else, can you see any obvious reason this wouldn't work in a Hybrid child theme?


    I used the above named tutorial from the Buddypress website to make Hybrid with child theme Malleable Buddypress compatible. It works fine but there are some css issues that I need to see to

  5. hmmmm.... should have read the whole thread before posting. Looks like some of you are a lot further than I.

    American Idol site looks awesome .... if you would like to help me on my way with the css issues, I would be very happy and grateful. You can contact me if you like at david (at)


  6. Hey Patrick anychance I can get a copy of bp theme you mention above?

    I cna be reached here

  7. @Supertyke & @Avi - I am on Holidays at the moment & will be back home next Wed.
    I'll be happy to update to the release version of BuddyPress 1.2 & share it with you then if you still want.

  8. David thanks that would be great!

  9. would be very grateful Dave :-)

  10. While search around the WP community, I found this article about how to make a WP theme BP compatible. Haven't tried it yet, but it seems similar to what I did to get Hybrid News working.

  11. DesignOdyssey, that's pretty much exactly what I did to get everything to work properly with Hybrid News as well. Only thing I had not done was to add the path to my functions.php.

  12. @designOdyssey
    Andy has also written a plugin that does the job.

    What it doesn't do of course is solve the CSS issues, and that is where I am getting stuck.

    Maybe someone could help me out on this...
    What do I have to replace 'container' and 'content' with in the appropriate BP files
    How do I call the sidebar?



  13. Good luck dO. The only thing that plugin did for me was make me mad enuff to kick stuff.

  14. @Avi,
    I'm using Hybrid News and just upgraded to Hybrid 0.7.1, WP 2.9.2 and BP1.2 official release. I've setup my development environment so I do everything by svn

    Everything went flawlessly except some deprecated functions in BP that I had to change in my version of Hybrid News to get it to work.

    I imagine Andy's plugin is not for child themes and might not work because of that.

    Since this thread is supposed to be about Justin's thinking on integrating buddypress, maybe the thing for him to do is to create a BP child theme first that solves the CSS issues between Hybrid and BP. From there, we could modify the CSS to fit our needs.

    However, there is much ajax in BP and changing the look & feel would require more than just CSS skills.

  15. dO thanks for the reply! Is that a useable version of your BP adaptation? Also if you have a live version would mind linking it?

    In the mean time I will try the file you are sharing and report back.

    Update - LOL guess its not a working version. I thought I might just need to rename from .ppt to .zip or something.

    WOuld still love to get my hands on a working version.

    Maybe dave is still willing to share his BP Theme.

  16. If Dave doesn't get back with you, I'll try to post a cleaned out version of my functions.php for hybrid. The rest of my step by step is all you should need.

    First, make sure you've got buddypress running OK with its own theme before starting to use Hybrid.

  17. sorry I am late with this, was away longer than expected and ran into an issue with the new BuddyPress 1.2.1, I'll try to fix it up this evening & post my working version then.

  18. I have updated this to BuddyPress 1.2.1
    You can see a working version on:
    download on:

    I still don't have the activity stream on front page feature working but all else should work.

    Please try it out & report any issues.

  19. Thanks dave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you! Ok well not love but you know!

    Justin would be willing to get a forum topic going for this?

  20. @Avi, no probs & no harm in a bit of man love at times...

    The main issue I am having is the activity stream on front page setting.
    Other than that, just needs some css work.

    Also, I haven't tested it with BuddyPress plugins yet.

    If you need any help with it let me know & please post any issues you find.
    I hope to have a new release soon that will only load the BuddyPress functions, JS & CSS when viewing BuddyPress pages, should help cutting down load time on normal WP posts/pages.

  21. @Dave, I'll be playing around with it over the next couple of weeks. But one thing off the get go., is that Forums are not styled to match the rest of theme. I just talking color. Also I think some pages might be better off using the wider page template, whatever its called. For example the Forum page looks a little squished as it displays now.

    Anyhow, thanks again and I'll keep you posted.

  22. @Avi, I haven't tested the forums part much, mainly just for functionality.
    As for the theme not matching up, I'm guessing it's just down to the Table CSS included in the child theme CSS & can be over written in the BuddyPress CSS.

    Some pages would definitely suit using a wider page template or no widgets template, good to know it seems to be working for you though.

    Keep the issues coming & hopefully we can get any issues sorted.

  23. @Dave I will keep the feedback coming. I tried to set up a sandbox site but it wont do groups and froum on the is there not a way to enable BP .(dot) blogs?

  24. I've just updated a new version, this fixes the display activity on home page option & has some other CSS tweaks.

    @Avi, what do you mean by it won't do groups and froums?
    Can you provide an URL

  25. @dave

    Sorry I meant to say groups and forums. I'm pretty sure its not the theme. its BP i think.

  26. Well, I'm not going to say I love you Dave, but I certainly am eternally grateful for this download. Everything seems to be in working order as far as I can see for the moment. I will keep an eye on things and report if anything goes amiss..

    You can have a look at
    It is in German but I'm sure you'll see what is working and what not :-)

    Again many thanks for your hard work



  27. @Supertyke looks good,
    Just spotted a CSS issue.
    You need to add:

    div.item-list-tabs#subnav  a{
    		color: #555;

    @Avi not sure what the issue is, could be a BuddyPress subdomain issue, did you try the default theme to see if it works?
    to the style-buddypress.css so the non selected subnavs can be seen.

    Still trying to figure out a way to only load the BuddyPress stuff when viewing BuddyPress pages, will update it again once I have.

  28. Thanks Dave, have updated :-)

    I've started pulling in data from another site, so its starting to look better as a whole

    The forum page is looking a little ragged, and really would look better on a full page without widgets ... but hey, I'm not complaining.

    I am experimenting with the following plugins at present, and all seem to be working:

    BP Group Documents
    Buddypress Like
    Buddypress Rate Forum Posts
    oembed for Buddypress
    TDLC Birthdays

    I'm not using BP-Links as it doesn't appear to like the Lexikon plugin, and the latter is more important to me, at least at the moment.

    BTW: Anyone have an idea how I can turn off the drop down function in the page navigation?



  29. @Supertyke plugins that don't have page templates should work as expected.
    Any that have page templates should just need a few changes, let me know if you are stuck with any.


    add_filter( 'sidebars_widgets', 'remove_forum_sidebars' );
    function remove_forum_sidebars( $sidebars_widgets ) {
    	if ( BP_FORUMS_SLUG == bp_current_component() && bp_is_directory() ) :
    			$sidebars_widgets = array( false );
    			return $sidebars_widgets;

    functions-buddypress.php should remove widget areas from forum pages.

    To turn off the pages drop downs have a look at

    <?php wp_list_pages( 'title_li=&depth=4&exclude=' . bp_dtheme_page_on_front() ); ?>

    in that same file & change depth=4 to depth=1

  30. Just uploaded a slighter newer version with some CSS updates & support for the BuddyPress Links plugin.

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