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Welcome, guest!

Feel free to read the blog, browse for themes, or join the club.

The community forums are currently being phased out. At the end of February or early March 2012, you will no longer be able to post here. This is because the entire site is being restructured. Please use the main forums for discussions. - Hybrid + WP3.0 + BuddyPress


    We plunged in and used the bleeding edge WP3.0 (currently beta-1) in network mode.

    Also running Hybrid 0.8 bleeding-edge and BuddyPress 1.2.3 stable.

    We wanted custom menus, custom post types and custom taxonomies out of the box.

    Feedback welcome :)


  2. Looks pretty nice. Just a couple of things I noticed:

    On the popup that comes when you first visit the page, the image replacement for the title and logo is pretty slow, so it looks kind of odd until the headings are actually loaded. Not sure what technique you're using for image replacement, but maybe it can be tweaked a little.

    The animation (fade out/in) for the tabs seems a bit slow, or maybe even unnecessary. Might be nice if the two tabs in the top right (Welcome / Partners) were the same size, so there wasn't a shift when you switch between them.

    The slider on the home page - I think it takes a bit too long for the black box of text to pop up - I click on 5 then have to wait for it to appear. Maybe I'm just impatient, but I'd prefer to see the content rather than have to wait for an animation that doesn't really enhance things too much. I think a lot of the animations on the site could be twice as fast.

    Really like the header.

  3. I think thats excellent and truly bleeding edge! I'm loving buddypress myself and have had lots of fun customizing it! Its a great network out of the box, heres to 3.0!

  4. Wow! I just love your work!

  5. Thanks guys for your lovely feedback, especially @Kyle D. We appreciate the honesty and will consider your comments and discuss them with the client.

    The black slide-up on the carousel has a delay so the full image can be observed before it is covered. Sometimes it will contain artwork or text. We thought it would be nice to give the viewer the opportunity to see the image but I also agree that the content is important.

  6. The header is very good, but the use of colours is brilliant.

    This is really, really good.

  7. Really like it, couldn't fault it and I really looked!! :) Well done, let me know if you are freelance or company based, may be able to throw some work your way

  8. Thanks @steupz and @fb.

    @fb, we are a New Zealand web agency called LERO9. We specialize in WordPress and Magento development.

    Cheers for the heads up.


  9. Great site! I love the layout and also the fact that you targeted the Asian market:) Wonder what slider are you using for homepage?

  10. I would like more info on how you implemented the Breadcrumbs on Buddypress

  11. 1. How did you do the tabbed category articles on the"tab main feature"?
    2. A lighter, watered-down version of this would make an incredible Hybrid Child theme.

    Definitely one of the coolest magazine style layouts that I've seen anywhere though it's pretty heavy as currently configured for anyone on shared hosting.

  12. Wow, more comments and questions...

    Slider is just the jQuery cycle plugin here:

    I see you posted your question in the BuddyPress-Hybrid thread. I will reply there.

    1. Eh, yeah... the tabs are a custom thing. Basically, I wrote a class to act as a mini "Tab template engine" so the tab layouts are mini templates defined in the class (since the news tab has a different layout than the others). The tab content is generated using a custom WP query that uses input parameters from the Theme Configuration so you can turn the two tab blocks on/off and choose which site categories you want to use for the tabs. You can set up to 4 tabs, define the tab title and select the category.
    2. Hybrid Child theme would be nice but as you suspect, there's a LOT of custom stuff in there. We do have in the pipeline to develop some templates for "Sub-sites" on this project so just maybe, there's a cut down child theme lurking somewhere :).

    You're right, you wouldn't want to run this on shared hosting. It's on a VPS in Singapore and I replaced the main jQuery to use google CDN. Also, when WP3.0 goes stable, and the cache plugins get updated, we'll be looking at implementing one of them too. I also think that the host has installed APC or similar on our account.

    Thanks for your kind words. Much appreciated.

  13. I've been following your pioneering work on the BuddyPress-Hybrid thread and also want to thank you for generously sharing your progress. is a beautiful site and a great example of BuddyPress integration. How did you get the Community (BP) links into the main navigation menu? Can BP pages be used with the WP 3.0 menu system?


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