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Community » Tag: Navigation - Recent Posts Theme Hybrid en-US Sat, 10 Dec 2016 16:41:05 +0000 bbpress 1.0.2 <![CDATA[Search]]> q Justin Tadlock on "Custom Post Types in the WordPress Navigation Menu" Sun, 16 Oct 2011 18:34:51 +0000 Justin Tadlock 3738@ <p>This is the Ideas forum. If you need help with something in WordPress, you should ask over on the support forums:<br /> <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> </p> aeromaxx on "Custom Post Types in the WordPress Navigation Menu" Sun, 16 Oct 2011 16:59:04 +0000 aeromaxx 3737@ <p>Hello can someone help me out by pointing me in the right direction as to where I can find out how to add a drop down menu to a theme with my custom post types stored within in, have been looking/searching google for "custom post types in wp_nav_menu", "custom post types in wp_list_pages", "custom post types in wordpress themes", "custom post types in wordpress theme", and have drawn a blank so far, I have managed to find out how to get my posts in the custom post types to appear in with the normal blog posts, but as I will have several posts in the custom post types more than what would be in the normal blog, would make this diluted and I would therefore like to have them in a drop down box in the menu.</p> <p>The menu on this website here <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> the "Writing" part on the menu I presume that these are custom post types, but I wish to have the menu on my site like this menu, if anyone can point me in the right direction as to how to achieve this, be is something on the codex, a blog post or something like this I would very much appreciate anything anyone would be able to tell me. </p> Eclipse 138 on "Main and Subsidiary Navigation Tutorial Using Hybrid Core" Thu, 06 Oct 2011 18:16:55 +0000 Eclipse 138 3720@ <p>I'm new to the framework but not to Wordpress. Was wondering if anyone can direct me to a tutorial on how to create a Main and Subsidiary navigation using the hybrid-core-drop-downs widget. </p> Justin Tadlock on "Visionary Theme Look" Thu, 11 Aug 2011 02:36:33 +0000 Justin Tadlock 3671@ <p>Please ask all support questions on the support forums.<br /> <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> </p> StunningTrends on "Visionary Theme Look" Thu, 11 Aug 2011 01:54:27 +0000 StunningTrends 3670@ <p>Respected sir,<br /> I wonder how can I set Menu/Navigation and all other side bar stuff align to left and site content to Right side? Tabs and Navigation are at Right side, I wish to see them at Left side.<br /> Regards! </p> Justin Tadlock on "nav menu top - center aligned?" Thu, 30 Sep 2010 02:05:19 +0000 Justin Tadlock 3304@ <p>This is the community forum for posting custom child themes. If you need help with something, please post in the support forums:<br /> <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> </p> kindermaur on "nav menu top - center aligned?" Wed, 08 Sep 2010 16:40:51 +0000 kindermaur 3262@ <p>Hi Libby,</p> <p>You're right (about wrapping it in an extra div). The file you need to modify is called 'menu-primary.php'</p> <p>--Kurt </p> Charles on "nav menu top - center aligned?" Mon, 06 Sep 2010 21:44:26 +0000 Charles 3258@ <p>I struggled with this for quite a while. I finally gave up on <code>margin: 0 auto</code> and set a width and left-margin until it was close enough. </p> libbymills on "nav menu top - center aligned?" Sun, 01 Aug 2010 01:06:35 +0000 libbymills 3218@ <p>Hi,</p> <p>I am trying to center align the top menu items. I am thinking I need to add an extra div to be able to do this but I can't figure out which php page has the #navigation div. does anyone know?</p> <p>Thanks,<br /> Libby </p> Sharmil McKee on "Plugins deserve a tab" Thu, 28 Jan 2010 23:46:49 +0000 Sharmil McKee 2456@ <p>Thank you for your fast response. I just found the sticky post. Just what I am looking for. Thx, again. SM. </p> Justin Tadlock on "Plugins deserve a tab" Thu, 28 Jan 2010 20:56:36 +0000 Justin Tadlock 2453@ <p>@Sharmil McKee</p> <p>Assuming the plugin is written correctly, using the WordPress APIs, it should work fine with the theme. There's also a sticky post in the Hybrid theme forum with that sort of information.</p> <p>Right now, we're mainly talking about creating a "Plugins" menu item for the plugins I've written. </p> Sharmil McKee on "Plugins deserve a tab" Thu, 28 Jan 2010 05:16:23 +0000 Sharmil McKee 2452@ <p>I am a new member. I like the hybrid themes, but I am looking for plugins that function well within the hybrid themes. I have tried the search feature, but I would like a page (or tabs) that link not only your sticky pages but the community's comments as well. I can imagine that I would visit that page or section often. I hope that helps you. </p> <p>Sharmil McKee </p> <p>(btw, I this theme. I am not a developer and even I find it easy to update my pages with interesting features. Thank you.) </p> Thomas Clausen on "Plugins deserve a tab" Wed, 30 Dec 2009 20:57:14 +0000 Thomas Clausen 2331@ <p>Sorry for not revisiting my thoughts here. But better late than never I hope.</p> <p>I think it would be relevant to make some traffic-analysis of how your users sign upas a paying member. Which must your key KPI. Other KPI's could be signing up to the forum, newsletter (if you had one - you actually ought to :-) ) etc.</p> <p>And then look at some numbers Fallout, Bounce rate, Path-analysis etc.</p> <p>I think that you would find that Home and Club could be removed. But that's just my thesis :-) </p> designOdyssey on "Plugins deserve a tab" Sun, 20 Dec 2009 23:40:54 +0000 designOdyssey 2296@ <p>Like the ideas and agree about doing away with the slider. There's too much info up there and unless you poke around you don't know where to look. I know it will be extra work, but plugins deserve their own forum as well as description page. That sounds daunting to me and it's not my site.</p> <p>I actually find "about" more important than "home". Anyone visiting a site like this, knows they can click on the logo. You could use single links for about, contact and login. I also don't think "club" needs to be highlighted as you essentially get directed to this page if you try to do much. Club is really needed when people realize the functionality/info they want is not available without joining. </p> <p>I was thinking of a design where the breadcrumbs area also contains search. Frankly, unless you limit the length of titles shown, this could be a problem. Also, it'd be nice to search the different content sections (blog, forums) separately which might require a more robust search. I don't think the font of the breadcrumbs needs to be as large though, so maybe there's a compromise there.</p> <p>Hope this helps when you get around to it. </p> Justin Tadlock on "Plugins deserve a tab" Wed, 02 Dec 2009 01:42:59 +0000 Justin Tadlock 2201@ <p>I've been giving this some thought, especially since I'd like to really feature plugins here more. I'm just kind of dreading putting together all the plugin pages because I have so many plugins now. ;)</p> <p>Another concern is how to address the navigation. Currently we have this:</p> <p>- Home<br /> - About<br /> - Blog<br /> - Forums<br /> - Themes<br /> - Club</p> <p>In the current design, there's not a lot of room for an extra menu item. So, my first idea would be to move the "About" item under "Home" to save a bit of room. I really feel like that's the only menu item that doesn't have to be on the top level.</p> <p>Plus, I've been thinking about a slight redesign of some of the elements on the site, particularly the sliding panel at the top. The only reason I added it was because I needed to save some room. Personally, I'd like to remove it, add the "Subscribe" and "Showcase" links to the top right corner, and add a "Log in" show/hide form next to them. Then, maybe move the search form to the breadcrumbs menu.</p> <p>While adding a place for plugins is something I want and am sure others will appreciate, there's larger design issues to consider. There's just so much content on this site, it can be tough organizing it all. So, the first step needs to be thinking about the entire organizational structure of the site. </p> Thomas Clausen on "Plugins deserve a tab" Sat, 21 Nov 2009 20:33:33 +0000 Thomas Clausen 2131@ <p>I think that you make fantastic plugins, but for first timers here, they wouldn't even know. Let the plugins get a tab in the horizontal navigation. I bet that a lot of your fans would be thrilled to be able to access the readme files for instance. I's just annoying to have to open the ftp program to find it, or to download a plugin again to find the readme files... </p> garyh357 on "Page Menu Plugin" Sat, 01 Aug 2009 16:18:02 +0000 garyh357 1644@ <p>I love the drag and drop to build the menu idea. I have to have the ability to have multiple occurrences of on dragged item though, for instance, I need some pages, then some categories, then more pages. I'd like all of the options from wp_list_pages and wp_list_categories plus the ability to custom code might be nice.</p> <p>I think not being able to change the category order in the same was as changing page order is a complete oversight on worpress' part, so build that in, somehow. Give each link a unique class and let me style it in my css. Keep it as simple as possible while offering all things required for any page/category menu.</p> <p>I'd actually prefer to see this in Hybrid Settings instead of a plugin, but I understand your wanting it in a plugin. </p> mp on "Page Menu Plugin" Sun, 19 Jul 2009 23:37:22 +0000 mp 1587@ <p>I had just looked at's offering the other day - although my analysis was not clearly as in-depth as John's. Definitely it's "feature full". </p> <p>For myself - I find the filter-hooking method a tad "oblique" and less than self-evident. Until I landed here - I had never seen it done that way...A plugin would really add something in my view - as have all of the other recent contributions you have made toward "building a better mousetrap".</p> <p>I'd like to promote the idea concept of potentially having ANY of your new plugin development provide Hybrid-specific capabilities - either during configuration or execution - or both.. For example, maybe that once configured - there could be some means to export the configuration in an XML form (or something else) so that it could be "reloaded into another Hybrid-based environment which would replicate all of the settings. Alternatively, perhaps when loaded into a Hybrid frame-based environment - Maybe the configuration could be done via some ajax-driven drag-and-drop interface.</p> <p>Second, it seems that the more capable and selective the configuration is - especially with things like menus - the configurations becomes awkward and complex for end-users - largely because the capabilities integrate "deeper" into WordPress, making fewer assumptions. </p> <p>Maybe the solution for this is to provide some sort of "tiered" configuration - based on the sophistication of the user - Either self-selected - or alternatively - Maybe - all plugins could "look for" the presence of some other Hybrid construct (maybe a designer/developer plugin? or mode?) that would enable the more extensive capabilities at configuration..</p> <p>Maybe it would then be possible to lock-down the configuration - so that the end-users could make cosmetic changes - but not trash their sites - or correspondingly - the developer/designer could "unload" their plugin after the configuration was complete - that would remove capabilities that would be otherwise get inexperienced users in difficulty. I think it would be great to have a drag-and-drop interface for both sets of users.</p> <p>Alternatively you could have "fat" or "skinny" versions of the same plugin - one with a great and expanded configutation mode - that would produce configuration information - and another "skinny" version the would simply execute based on the previously instantiated configuration information. Maybe the "skinny" ones work on ALL platforms and the "fat" development versions only work on a Hyrid-based theme - so that if you want the advanced capabilities configured - you must configure it "under Hybrid" - but once done, it will execute the same in ALL themes.</p> <p>I think that either of these basic ideas will provide incentives for users to move in your direction - either toward your plugins - or theme framework - or both... Things should be "easier" or "better" using Hybri - But that means different things depending on whether you're and end-user or a designer/developer. Designer-developers want deeper, more feature-full implementations - that expose more WordPress capabilities - and inexperienced users want the flexibility of making changes - but without the risk of "messing things up". I also think it would promote a constructive dialog between end-users and develpoer/designers in that they could exchange Hybrid configuratons with would be guaranteed (by design) to work correctly without the latter having to have direct and contemporaneos access to the end-user's site.</p> <p>Finally, I'd like to see all of the plugins support properly degradeable Ajax-JQuery in some manner. I'd like collapsible lists or other capabilities to be configurable in the plugin itself - and not require yet anther "piggy-based" plugin to alter the behavior of the former. Since you control the basic styles under Hybrid - that should be possible - I imagine.</p> <p>I'd like to see "Hybrid" branded WordPress components work "better" than their counterparts - by design - Such that they are preferred.... I think there is some room to add something to the basic architecture that will be of value to each of the already identified constituencies...Something that WordPress itself has largely avoided - leaving it to "Ace" developers to sort-out. </p> John Myrstad on "Page Menu Plugin" Wed, 15 Jul 2009 02:03:04 +0000 John Myrstad 1563@ <p>Too buggy yet, at least the menu editor, and sometimes the js backend UI, but it seems powerful and have lots of options. </p> <p>I do like the drag-n-drop interface in the Menu contents and the custom code option.<br /> Superfish settings are a plus. Page ordering as mentioned above is nice, but its placed in the advanced tab which seems a bit odd. UI design is pretty much like the new widgets UI design which is good, makes it "fit in" well in the backend.</p> <p>WP-Menu is also one to watch once admin settings gets added.<br /> <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> </p> Justin Tadlock on "Page Menu Plugin" Tue, 14 Jul 2009 01:40:22 +0000 Justin Tadlock 1559@ <p>Here's another plugin to try if anyone wants to give it a go:<br /> <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a></p> <p>I'm not sure how good it is. Let me know if you like it. </p> rgregory on "Page Menu Plugin" Tue, 14 Jul 2009 01:24:45 +0000 rgregory 1558@ <p>How about an option to replace the other type of menu with the wp_page_menu() function?</p> <p>In a dream world, I could add a class to specific menu items with it. This is a specific need I can't find an answer to at the moment.</p> <p>I would also like to be able to add links without having to create dummy pages and use the page links to plugin.</p> <p>Right now I use 3-4 plugins on EVERY site to control the menu, one for exclusion, one for page-links-to, one for the name of the anchor, and sometimes one for page order. I'd love to only use one.</p> <p>I know what every you choose to add to it, I'll be happy. </p> John Myrstad on "Page Menu Plugin" Fri, 10 Jul 2009 14:18:33 +0000 John Myrstad 1534@ <p>May the plugin support more than one menu ? </p> John Myrstad on "Page Menu Plugin" Fri, 10 Jul 2009 14:00:42 +0000 John Myrstad 1533@ <p>Its hard to give feedback on the menu plugin with the information you provide. There are lots of menu plugins out there, but none thats really great.</p> <p>I do like the way Page Mash handles pages, and My Page Order which is built into Ryan Hellers new menu plugin is also intuitive to use.</p> <blockquote><p>a nice UI for the include/exclude (though this could become unruly with a lot of pages)</p></blockquote> <p>My Page Order handles lots of pages with little problems. People doesnt use 100 pages on the same level do they, its more 1- 15 isnt it?</p> <p>However I think the most important for a new menu plugin is that its easy to use for end-users, but with some flexibility for the theme customizer by altering settings or code.</p> <p>Page sorting should be handled with drag-n-drop. Exclusion should ideally be handled both by a exclusion list in settings like the Pages widget, and a check-box in the Pages write page. It should be possible to decide to include or not when writing the page, without going to menu settings, and it should be possible to include/exclude pages when working with page sorting.</p> <p>PageMash does most of what I want when it comes to exclusion and ordering, and its possible to do like Ryan Heller and build on a sorting plugin in your Menu Plugin ? Its already using <code>wp_page_menu()</code></p> <p>Once your plugin is ready though, you may make a service like this one for menu css formatting, accessible in the membership pages or free:</p> <p><a href="" rel="nofollow"></a></p> <p>A Page Menu solution should support all 3 steps of the Menu workflow:</p> <p>1. Output of menu list code<br /> 2. Execution/inclusion/sorting ( + customization ? )<br /> 3. Menu styling ( css editor or css templates ) </p> thomasfeder on "Page Menu Plugin" Wed, 08 Jul 2009 08:59:58 +0000 thomasfeder 1520@ <p>Hi Justin,<br /> I LOVE the ability to use check boxes here, so clients easily control the menu themselves.<br /> Also I like the feature that some of the other menu plugins offers, where you can assign the menu order with a number (or even Ajax "drag &#38; drop"...?)<br /> Finally it could be so nice to have several menu plugins set up on the same page, I don't know if the new widgets in Wordpress 2.8 allows that by default?</p> <p>Thanks a lot for looking into this! </p> Justin Tadlock on "Page Menu Plugin" Wed, 08 Jul 2009 06:37:05 +0000 Justin Tadlock 1518@ <p>I've mentioned a few times that I'd like to develop a page menu plugin, but I still haven't decided on whether to build it yet. There are some technical hurdles with building such a plugin.</p> <p>So, I'm opening up this thread as a central place for brainstorming. I'd at least like to get some ideas down to see where we stand.</p> <p><strong>Basic menu</strong></p> <p>It would be fairly easy to add all the options from the <em>Pages</em> widget of the Hybrid theme over to an options page. </p> <p>The plugin would run a filter on <code>wp_page_menu()</code>. The arguments for that particular function are:</p> <ul> <li>depth</li> <li>sort_column</li> <li>sort_order</li> <li>show_date</li> <li>date_format</li> <li>child_of</li> <li>include</li> <li>exclude</li> <li>exclude_tree</li> <li>hierarchical</li> <li>meta_key</li> <li>meta_value</li> <li>authors</li> <li>link_before</li> <li>link_after</li> </ul> <p>For an effective menu plugin one would want at least a nice UI for the include/exclude (though this could become unruly with a lot of pages).</p> <p>Would it be best to allow to add checkboxes to include pages or exclude pages from the menu? Which seems more intuitive? I might have to consider the technical/coding aspects of this in the final decision though (it depends on which would take less code and PHP processing).</p> <p>Anyway, I'll stop here. I've got some ideas I might play around with. If you have ideas and feedback, feel free to post theme here.</p> <p><strong>Compatibility across themes</strong></p> <p>This wouldn't be a Hybrid-specific plugin. It'd work with any theme that uses <code>wp_page_menu()</code> to loads its menu, so you'd be able to use it with those themes too. </p> axe on "Should drop-down menus be the default?" Fri, 27 Feb 2009 21:36:39 +0000 axe 888@ <p>You da man. </p> Justin Tadlock on "Should drop-down menus be the default?" Fri, 27 Feb 2009 09:25:01 +0000 Justin Tadlock 886@ <p>Cool. I'm having a little trouble with them right now, but I'll have horizontal drop-downs coded before 0.5 is released. </p> axe on "Should drop-down menus be the default?" Fri, 27 Feb 2009 09:12:51 +0000 axe 885@ <p>I definitely vote for the horizontal dropdowns. </p> Justin Tadlock on "Should drop-down menus be the default?" Thu, 26 Feb 2009 07:29:47 +0000 Justin Tadlock 879@ <p>Also, as a sidenote to this discussion, WP 2.8 allows us to add JavaScript to the footer. I'm already using this with my dev version of Hybrid. It's much better for page loading. </p> Justin Tadlock on "Should drop-down menus be the default?" Thu, 26 Feb 2009 07:24:35 +0000 Justin Tadlock 878@ <p>I'm not a fan of drop-down menus either, but there seems to be a demand for them.</p> <p>I could definitely code up a horizontal menu as well. </p>